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Children Across America is a community resource dedicated to providing educational excellence and accessible health care for children initially in the Blackstone Valley area of Massachusetts. We are also in Rhode Island and Florida and are currently exploring locations in Connecticut and California for 2013. We believe accessible health care and a good education can change a child’s world. Strengthen our children’s future and we strengthen America.

While there are many organizations working with kids around the world, our focus is America. Every dollar raised by Children Across America funds a program that directly helps kids in the USA. More importantly, every dollar contributed in your community stays in YOUR community.

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Children Across America is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization formed in 2008 dedicated to helping the underprivileged children in America. We are committed to helping children reach their full potential by implementing vital programming, strengthening families, performing charitable services and contributing to their overall health. Our ultimate mission is to increase access to educational […]Continue reading «About Us» IWEBIX Webdesign

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