Education Programs


Every child benefits from opportunities that develop their reading and math skills. One student plus our unique education programs equals lasting success.

Tuesdays from 330-430 is our after school reading program. It is run by a certified elementary teacher and we encourage the children to bring their homework with them for help. Ages 4-9.


Saturdays from 10-1130 is our Saturday reading program. The children pick out their favorite book to read to us. They can also color, play games or do puzzles. Our goal is to give children 1 on 1 attention, something that cannot happen in the traditional classroom. Ages 4-9

Our math program brings concepts to life. It offers a fun environment where the children can practice and discover the use of numbers in everyday life.

Additionally, we offer a GED Prep Class for teens and adults up to age 22 that have left school without graduating and are preparing to take the exam. Please call for further information.