My passion for being involved in children’s non-profits began more than 25 years ago, long before I had my own children. As a young girl, I was drawn to an organization that aided children in abusive homes. Back then, my mindset was that if I could have one positive comment I said be remembered by a child, my involvement would be worthwhile. I continued to volunteer for children focused groups for many years to come in several different capacities – nonprofits, at church, sporting teams and girl scouts. I truly felt being a mother and volunteering to work with children were the best contributions that I have made.

Being from a military family and serving in the US Army for eight years myself, I have always been very driven and loved fast paced environments. I worked for major medical device manufacturers, traveling and working A LOT. I found myself in amazing positions that required so much of my time, I barely had time to focus on my family and had no time to focus on me or the passions I had such as working with children. I stopped all volunteering to use what little time I had outside of work to make sure my children were taken care. Last year the opportunity presented itself for me to take a sabbatical. I never considered this as my identity was so centered around my professional accomplishments. On a trip to Cuba, I asked myself quite often where my joy is. The answer was simple – children. I found CAA shortly thereafter or maybe it found me.