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When kids have good self-esteem, they learn better and are more productive members of society. Together we can break the cycle of bullying.

Children Across America’s anti-bullying program teaches kids that bullying is NOT about the victim, it’s about the bully. Through anti-bullying and “in their shoes” classes, in partnership with local police departments and school districts, children are educated about bullying and why it is wrong. Kids come to understand the impact that bullying has on others. 

CAA has a long history of being involved in anti-bullying efforts and served on Governor Deval Patrick’s anti-bullying committee to help develop laws.


Things to Know About Anti-Bullying

  • Bullies tend to have low self-esteem and lash out 
  • The problem lies with the bully, not the victim
  • When kids have higher self-esteem, there is less bullying, they learn better, and are more productive
  • Kids need to be shown why bullying is wrong and the consequences of their actions


Attend an Upcoming Event


All are invited to CAA’s upcoming safety events throughout the New England area.



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