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Fire Safety

Children Across America’s Fire Safety Program teaches kids and their families how to recognize a fire and stay safe during fire emergencies.

With the help of our dalmatian dinosaur named “911,” and the support of local police and fire departments, we educate families about how to be prepared for fire emergencies.

Things to Know About Fire Safety

  • Learn how to recognize a fire
  • Learn how to call 911
  • Designate a meeting place for your family
  • Always listen to what firemen tell you to do

Attend an Upcoming Event

Everyone is invited to CAA’s upcoming safety events throughout the New England area.

Sponsor the Fire Safety Program

By sponsoring our Kids Fearless Dino Protector Squad “HOME SAFE HOME” Kids Fire Safety Program, your Fire Department is helping us reach more children in the community and helping them learn about fire safety and what to do in the case of an emergency.

When firefighters hand out fire safety coloring posters and refrigerator magnets to children throughout the year, it helps to keep our community safe.

Donate Fire Safety Kits to Local Fire Departments

Your organization can also support this program by donating Fire Safety Kits to local fire departments. Each Fire Safety Kit contains a cotton t-shirt with the “stop, drop and roll” message, an 8-page fire safety coloring book, four fabric markers, and crayons.

Donate $20 and Children Across America will donate a kit to the local fire department in Milford, Massachusetts. Donate $100 for 6 kits, or donate $1500 to send 100 kits to the fire department of your choice with your organization’s logo on it!