Summer STREAM Club

All students experience learning loss over summer vacation; however underserved children lose more than two months in reading achievement while their middle-class peers maintain or improve reading achievement. Limited access to educational activities and nutritional meals over summer break are two causes of the achievement gap.

In a single program, we feed the body and the mind. Children develop healthy habits while developing learning skills in an enjoyable way. We provide these children with a unique opportunity to maintain reading and math skills over the summer along with a reliable healthy meal provided by Children Across America. The program runs Monday through Friday.

Summer STREAM Club Benefits:

  • Provides an opportunity to read aloud and discuss stories with peers in an emotionally safe environment.
  • Provides time to practice using mathematical skills.
  • Provides time to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Provides nutritional lunches over 7 weeks of summer break to those that are likely to go without.



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